Aaron LaTowsky

Aaron LaTowsky, urologic surgeon at AUUA

Dr. Aaron W. LaTowsky specializes in surgical procedures requiring an especially precise technique, such as penile prosthesis placement, treatment of Peyronie's disease, neurostimulators placement, vasectomy reversal, laser surgery of the prostate, labiaplasty, and female pelvic reconstruction. He has a passion for treating patients with general urologic disease, painful bladder and prostate, overactive bladder, and many other conditions. Through extensive experience in the field of urologic surgery, Dr. LaTowsky provides high quality surgical expertise for male and female patients in Arizona.

With grass roots in the Sandhills of western Nebraska, it was here that Dr. LaTowsky embarked on his journey in medicine, following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was a prominent urologist in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating high school in Alliance, Nebraska where he ranked 2nd in his class, Dr. LaTowsky went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln while on several scholarships. Dr. LaTowsky completed residency at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and is now a Board Certified, Ivy League-trained urologic surgeon.

Unique to relatively few urology training programs, Dr. LaTowsky received extensive experience with female pelvic reconstruction and was given the opportunity to develop specialized skills in surgery for women. During his residency and afterwards, Dr. LaTowsky has sought to further advance his knowledge and surgical skill through continued training. Under the nation’s leading urologists and urogynecologists, Dr. LaTowsky learned to master open, laparoscopic, and robotic techniques. Over the years, he has attended many specialized courses in cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Rochester, Dallas, and Raleigh-Durham. Dr. LaTowsky draws on his own broad and extensive experience and that of his colleagues to develop and offer patients the most advanced and appropriate, comprehensive and individualized treatment plans available.

When not engaged in the arts of medicine and surgery, Dr. LaTowsky enjoys time with his family. His wife, Dr. Brenda LaTowsky M.D. is a dermatologist with offices in Phoenix and North Scottsdale specializing in general dermatology with expertise in injectable cosmetics and laser cosmetic surgery. They have two wonderful sons, Henry and Oliver. Together, they stay fit by hiking, cycling, running, weightlifting, and taking advantage of outdoor activities in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. As an avid gardener, Dr. LaTowsky has won blue ribbons in the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show.

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