Vasectomy AZ

DDA Medical designed and developed this website for AUUA to inform their potential and current patients on vasectomies.  DDA kept in mind AUUA's objective, which was having an easy-to-use resource for patients who want to learn more about the vasectomy procedure.  Patients can now easily navigate this website and its numerous pages of information.  This website design was created and implemented by the skilled designers and programmers of DDA.  DDA offers medical video production services to companies and professionals in the healthcare industry. With a variety of options such as video, Flash animation, hosting, and portals, DDA has the experience and dedication to bring your website ideas to life. DDA also provides augmented reality application development for medical organizations, which stand to benefit from the incredible learning and training potential inherent in AR apps’ capabilities to add information, graphics, and virtual objects in real time to the real world view seen from a mobile device’s camera or AR headset.

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